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Often Asked Questions

Why can’t I tell you all the details about the inheritance before I become your attorney?

ANSWER: Generally I cannot reveal details about the estate until all heirs have hired me to represent the estate. Over the years, I have found that this helps protect my office’s investment in paying for research and the investigative cost of locating the heirs. If I provide all the details upfront, some people will utilize the information to try to circumvent the reasonable fee for my services.

What is Involved with the Client Attorney Relationship?

After I become your attorney, all information you provide to me is kept confidential. Information is not provided to any other source without your permission. Sometimes you are asked for information which will be necessary in order to represent you and process your case. Any confidential information is not provided to any third party without your consent and with the understanding that the information is not made available to the general public. My office is bound by the code of professional responsibility concerning our attorney/client confidentiality.

How Do I Know You Are an Attorney?

Selecting a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on reviewing advertisments or websites. The qualifications and experience of each lawyer should be checked out and evaluated prior to utilizing their services. You should also confirm that the attorney has a considerable amount of experience in the field pertaining to your situation. In Indiana, you can confirm who is a licensed attorney by visiting the Indiana Supreme Court ROLL OF ATTORNEYS.

Indiana Supreme Court “Roll of Attorneys” is a searchable database to look up an attorney’s license status, address and /or attorney number.

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